Welcome to Rotman Commerce Business Design!

We are a group of students who are passionate about obtaining human-centered solutions to business problems. Our objective is to build a community around Business Design at Rotman Commerce, in order to raise awareness about the subject and connect students with relevant opportunities.

What is Business Design?

At its core, Business Design is a human centered approach to problem solving. Its main focus is to generate business by creating a better overall user experience through empathizing with the customer. We at the RCBDA do so by using a variety of methods that help us better understand the current user experience, challenge our assumptions, collaborate, and get to the root of an issue. We believe that by truly understanding the reason behind a problem’s occurrence, Design Thinkers are better equipped to innovate. Through this philosophy, innovation does not have to be complex and technological. It can be as simple as removing cash registers to avoid long lines, as Apple did. From Architecture to Banking to Consumer Products, Business Design is a way of thinking that is useful in any career. 

Get to know us: